Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I was pretty disappointed in the movie going public, this past weekend, when I read the box office numbers for ParaNorman. I think it brought in 14.1 million, which was about 2 million less than Coraline's opening weekend, and 2-3 million more than Aardmans Pirates. Why stop motion films seem to suffer at the box office is beyond me...
Anyway, I thought it was great...loved the design, loved the animation, the story was, (albeit presented in a fun, supernatural world), very meaty, and topically appropriate for both kids and adults alike.
Laika, once again, creates a stunning world that's both fantastical and yourselves a favour and go watch it. 
To all the artists who worked on it, thank you! I work in animation as well, but early on realized I didn't have the patience for stop takes a special breed to do what you do.


Jean Escalante said...

I don't know how people aren't more interested in stop animation films. The fact that people have enough patience to create their scenes and spend so many hours with such little movement is amazing. So stoked to watch this movie. Hoping to go this Tuesday!

Mike West said...

You're not going to be disappointed, it was great. Coraline was great too, but the world or ParaNorman seems more complete.